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The Most Annoying Whatsapp Features

The whatsapp is great messenger for the daily life ever there is no doubt on that.
But still there is some annoying whatsapp features that you facing frequently while using whatsapp messenger on your device .

#1 . You Cant Stop Whatsapp Calls

Whatsapp calling features is very useful , but annoying when some new contacts got your number and they calling you again and again , there is no way to Turn Of Whatsapp Voice Calls .

#2 . Connect To Whatsapp Web

For other messengers like Telegram its easy to get connected to the web client for the messenger , however in Whatsapp its required Scan QR code the connect it.
Its annoying when you try to conenct it with emulator , and when no phone camera working 🙂 , I tried with mirror , where i am scanning QR code with Web Cam and in front of mirror . it works , but funny , isn’t it ???

#3 . Sharing Images / Videos Along With Text.

When you share any image or video along with the text under it , it will send it to 1 group or contact, but after you select that and share it to another group or contact , the text under it is GONE…. its very funny.

#4 . Call Direct Via Sim

Recently after whatsapp started thair voice call service , the call from your SIM CARD is gone. its like i have to call some of the group member direct from the whatsapp via sim , its not possible now , i needed to save that number and dial it via the address book , WTF……..

#5 . Whatsapp Security

Messages you send to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption. Tap For More Info.

90% of whatsapp users does not know WHAT IS THIS …. hahaha

Have good time , Can’t Write More Whatsapp Only …

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